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Premium Bottled Cocktails

Brown Butter Old Fashioned

  • Butter Washed Infused Bourbon
  • Bitters
  • Brown Sugar Syrup

Our Brown Butter Old Fashioned, a delicious twist on the classic leaves you with a creamy, textured mouth feel. With a subtly sweet rich syrup this cocktail is truly decadent.

For this cocktail, we melted off some vegan butter and let it sit within the bourbon for a day to infuse before placing it in the freezer. One the butter froze, we filtered out the butter from the Bourbon, leaving us with a deliciously textured base for our Old Fashioned.

Your 500ml Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail serves¬† 6 –¬† 7 serves per bottle, the 200ml serves 2-3 and the 100ml serves 1-2.

500ml26%ABV7 Servings


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