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Bring the bar home

Made in Norfolk

DOXI. was born and made in Norfolk in 2022, re branding from our mobile bar business, The Globe Trotter Bars which is run by Amy and Steven.

The Globe Trotter Bars started in 2018, with our bottled cocktails launching in early 2020. Since then, the demand has never ended and we never stopped progressing with our bottles. Creating new menus and perfecting each cocktail.

With extensive experience behind the bar, we wanted to make at home bar cocktails as easy as possible, without losing any of the quality. Keeping things simple, yet memorable has quickly become our DOXI. ethos.

DOXI. now shares a premises in Norwich, with their own bar space offering Cocktails, wines, sprits and more.

In 2023, DOXI. Local was born. A small shop situated at Hellesdon Barns. You can find everything great that Norfolk has to offer, from local wines and spirits to local chutneys and candles!



A simple & enjoyable Serve

A choice where there was none

After many trial and errors through the last couple of years, wanting to create cocktails that were not just tasty but also as sustainable as they could be right now. We have worked long and hard creating our own syrups, liqueurs and juices for our cocktails, so that now, most of our bottles are created with some of our own ingredients.

This way, we know exactly what’s going into each bottle, keeping the sugar contents low but the flavours and taste high.

We’re still working on some of our recipes, creating as many syrups as we can to keep up with demand. Soon, we hope to have all liqueurs within our bottled cocktails made by us, in house along with all of our syrups and juices.

We’re not just doing this for the taste, we’re also trying to be as sustainable and as zero waste as we possibly can. So, we’ve started using our fruits for multiple uses, the waste from this is then going into our compost bins which is used on our new allotment, where we’re working hard to grow some of own ingredients which will then go back into our bottles… it’s a long process and we’re still working on most parts but we’re really happy with where it’s going so far!

Where to find us

Brick & Mortar |

Find our DOXI. Local shop at Hellesdon Barns, Hellesdon Hall Road, NR6 5BB | Shop our full range of Cocktails and everything that Norfolk has to offer.

Our DOXI. bottles aren’t just sold online. We are available across Norfolk in shops and bars!

We also offer a full mobile bar service. Fancy having a cocktail bar at your event? Head over to for more information.